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Configuration of email accounts involves setting up the email address both on our server through your cPanel, and your computer (if you wish to use a mail application). If you wish to use webmail to access your email, you can find instructions on access webmail in our FAQ.

1. Create the email account on the server

Login to cPanel, and click on the 'Email Accounts' icon and complete the form. At this stage, you'll pick the email address you wish to use.

For a video guide, please see below:

2. Setup the email account through your email client

​This step will allow you to configure an email client, such as Outlook or Windows Mail.

Run through the email account setup wizard, and use the following settings:

Username: your full email address (i.e.
Password: the password you set when creating the email account in the first step
Incoming Mailserver: (note: replace with your domain)
Outgoing Mailserver: ISP outgoing mail server (port 25) OR (port 465 or port 26)

If you're using our outgoing mail server (, please ensure "Outgoing Mailserver requires authentication" is enabled.

During configuration in your email client, you will have the option of setting the mailserver type. Please select POP unless you are on a larger hosting plan with more space

SSL Enabled Email

If you wish to use SSL for your email connections please refer to the connection settings in cPanel > Email Accounts > Dropdown options 'More' to the email address > Configure Email Client. This will provide you with the SSL connection information. 

Note: You will have to accept our self signed certificate in your email application upon first connection.

Webmail Access

You can access your emails from anywhere in the world via your web browser, simply browse to or to access your webmail. You can sign in with the full email address (including the, and your email password.


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