I can receive emails but not send?

f you can receive mail but aren’t able to send this usually mean your outgoing server settings are incorrect.

Outgoing server should be: mail.yourdomain.com*

*replace yourdomain.com with your real domain name

The most common reason is because you have not set up the outgoing server to “Require Authentication”.

Go into your email account settings – (TOOLS menu) and follow instructions below:

1) Select the Remember Password checkbox, and then click More Settings.

2) In the Internet E-mail Settings window, go to the Outgoing Server tab. Check My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication and select Use same settings as my incoming mail server.

3) Click on the "Advanced" tab and try changing the Outgoing Server (SMTP) port number to either 587 or 26.
Remember to tick "Leave a copy of messages on the server, and Remove from server after X days.

4) Click OK and, and close the Account settings windows then try another send and receive.

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