What is Email Forwarding?

Email forwarding involves passing email along from one address to another. It can also be used to pass groups of messages such as listservs.

Our Email forwarding service can automatically forward all mail received at one of your addresses to another address. This can be handy if you have a web based email alias but would rather not have to surf to the website each day to check your mail. Using a forwarding service, the mail received at the website would automatically be passed to your main email addess (or another address of your choice). This allows you the convenience of utilizing multiple email addresses while keeping your main email address private, and still collecting all of your mail in one place.

Mail forwarding services are also handy for people that change their ISP (and therefore main email address) often. With some forwarding services, you are simply give out our one address no matter what ISP you have; the address might look something like: yourname@forwarding-service-provider.com. Friends will always have a current address to send mail, and when your main address changes you only have to notify one party (the forwarding service) rather than dozens.

Email Forwarding can be used with any domain and is included with any domain registrations.
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