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Working with Above&Beyond is easy. Here’s our 9 step process:
  1. We’ll assess your requirements and provide a detailed quote
  2. Ready to proceed? We’ll ask you for a 25% deposit before we begin
  3. We’ll design your website prototype and send it to you for review
  4. Prototype approved? We can now start coding your site (we’ll need a 25% progressive payment at this stage)
  5. Your content is inserted, your site is set up online and we check it meticulously for bugs (25% progressive payment)
  6. You get full training on how to manage your site
  7. It’s time for you to review and provide final approval. Your 25% final payment is now due.
  8. Congratulations! Your site has gone live and you can now start doing business online
  9. Finally we’ll review results and provide continuing support, if necessary

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