Getting Started (Elevate)

Elevate is lovingly created by Australia’s longest standing, 5-Star customer reviewed BigCommerce designer. We’ve been building BigCommerce websites for over 10 years – so rest assured you’re receiving the experience and added support that comes naturally with a premium theme like this.

Thank you for purchasing our theme

We've put a lot of love and thought into this theme. It is our goal to continue to provide new features and updates over it's lifetime to make it one of the most customizable and feature-packaed themes available. Please make sure to read this documentation to use it as it's full potential. 

Key Features

Elevate comes with the following standout features

  • Page Builder Enabled - Use the recently released drag-and-drop editor from bigcommerce to build out pages using widgets without touching code.
  • Colour Swatches on Category Pages - Show available swatches on the category level to help shoppers see what's available quicker
  • Cycle Photos on Category Pages - show swatch colours AND cycle through product photos on the category level allowing shoppers to see available options at a glance. 
  • Sticky Header
  • Multi Column Menu (can set 3,4,5,6,7,8 columns in width)
  • Accordion Sidebar Category Menu (which highlights current category)
  • Mobile Responsive design
  • Full width, with scaling slideshow - Shrinks or grows with monitor size.
  • Smart Category Banner Placement
  • Featured & top selling product carousels
  • "Sale" and “New” product tags
  • And so much more...


How to get support?

First make sure to check this help desk and use the search feature as we're always updating the documentation with common questions and guides.

If you have a query about this theme or find a bug please open a support ticket with us or email and we will respond asap. 


Feature requests

We encourage feedback and new ideas, so if you have a feature you'd love to see in this theme please contact us and we will add it to our list to work on for future releases.


Theme Variations

Elevate comes in three variations which can be customized to suit all kinds of industries.

To take a closer look at each Elevate variation, view our demos here: Fashion, Autoparts, Outdoors

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